Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Best Review with Pros and Cons

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone with exciting innovations. The iPhone 15 series is here, offering improved cameras, new physical features, and making the phones not just advanced but also user-friendly. This series includes two versions with different screen sizes – the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Additionally, there are two models with the Pro label – the iPhone 15 Pro and the one we’ll focus on: the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

As you’ll guess from the name, it’s the bigger Pro. and it comes with a lot of new features, including a massive array of lenses that Apple claims equates to carrying seven cameras in its device. So, is it really worth the plutocrat — it’s the top of the price range, after all — or should you look away? Read on for my take on the rearmost, and utmost point-packed, iPhone available for pre-order beginning September 22.

  • Price: Starting from $1,199, you can get your hands on this amazing device!
  • Cameras: Capture stunning shots with its 12MP ultra-wide, 48MP wide, 12MP telephoto, and 12MP Face ID cameras.
  • Processor: Powered by the Apple A 17 Pro for seamless performance.
  • Display: Immerse yourself in the impressive 6.7-inch OLED 120Hz display, boasting a resolution of 2,796 x 1,290 pixels and 460 pixels per inch.
  • Storage: Enjoy ample storage with its 256GB capacity, expandable up to an incredible 1TB!
  • Battery: Keep the entertainment going for up to 29 hours of video playback.
  • Dimensions: With a sleek design measuring 6.29 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches, it fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Weight: Weighing just 7.81 ounces, this lightweight companion won’t weigh you down.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Design

There’s a noticeable difference in the appearance of the latest iPhones, particularly the Pro models. The new iPhones feature gently curved edges that blend the screen seamlessly with the antenna band. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing grip, surpassing the comfort of last year’s phones. Although it may appear as a minor alteration, its impact is substantial and enduring. Whenever you hold the iPhone, it feels even more cosy and comfortable in your hand.

In addition, the new edge is crafted with titanium, giving it a stunning appearance while weighing less than the stainless steel found on earlier Pro models. It’s impressively lighter, about 0.69 ounces (19g) less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This difference is noticeable and adds to the overall experience. Unlike the shiny finish of its predecessors, the edge now boasts a sleek matte look. The use of titanium evokes a sense of luxury, making this iPhone feel like Apple’s most premium handset yet, solely based on this design choice.

The colours of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max are all grounded around the essence edge, even though Apple kept the glass on the reverse. But edge and glass are color-matched effectively, to produce subtle, quiet goods. So, there are two dark colours Black Titanium and Blue Titanium, which is a dark cortege shade; and two light bones, White Titanium and Natural Titanium.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Performance

Apple has developed a pattern of reserving their most robust chip for the Pro iPhones, while the regular iPhones receive the previous year’s Pro chip. Therefore, even though the iPhone 15 benefits from the powerful A16 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max proudly boasts Apple’s fastest phone processor to date: the iPhone 17 Pro.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max


The A17 Pro boasts an impressive industry-first processor utilizing a groundbreaking 3-nanometer process. This means that it houses a remarkable number of transistors. According to Apple, it’s not only the fastest chip on any smartphone but also outperforms its predecessor, the blazing-fast A16 Bionic, by up to 10%.

Guess what? There’s a brand new graphics processing unit (GPU) that’s a whopping 20% faster than its predecessor! This means that everything on your screen will look absolutely fantastic. But do you know where this improvement really shines? Gaming! I recently got a sneak peek of the highly anticipated game, Resident Evil Village, and let me tell you, the graphics are absolutely mind-blowing. With features like ray tracing that create more realistic lighting effects, and enhanced HDR effects, your gaming experience just got taken to a whole new level.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera

Last year’s Pro models made a major upgrade by replacing the 12-megapixel main camera with an impressive 48-megapixel one. This time, the newest Pro model boasts a brand new 48-megapixel sensor hidden beneath its sleek titanium and glass exterior.

In addition to this, the camera simultaneously snaps another picture at a stunning 48-megapixel resolution. It then smartly combines these two photos, creating a remarkable 24-megapixel image that displays exceptional detail and looks extraordinarily pleasing. Notably, this feature works wonders in capturing skin tones and intricate hair details, which could easily be overlooked in a regular 12-megapixel shot.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Hey, there’s an exciting new feature that lets you capture portrait images in a different way. You’re probably familiar with Portrait Mode, which produces stunning images where your subject stands out in perfect focus while the background elegantly blurs. But guess what? You no longer need to manually select Portrait Mode while taking photos.

However, it’ll automatically record the depth information needed for a picture without you having to do anything, If it sees one of them. It means you can just shoot in regular print mode and later change the point of focus to turn it into a portrayal shot. In my testing, I felt it was easy and accessible to go by and make these changes at a later time.

On the iPhone 15 Pro, this has a focal length fellow to 3x that of the main camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, still, this rises to 5x the drone of the main lens. Apple achieves this in a unique way. It uses a commodity called a tetraprism which reflects the light four times in order to get the focal length demanded for this kind of blowup. It works sublimely well and is my favourite point in this device.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Last Time’s iPhone 14 Pro Max was tremendous, but indeed, there are so numerous additions then, especially if you like photography, that it’s easy to recommend a move to the 15 Pro Max. Still, it’s a no-brainer, If you have any other iPhone. The only caveat is that if you don’t have a Max-sized phone, you should feel it in your hand first because it’s big. Indeed the contoured edges make it a much easier phone to hold than last time’s model.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Verdict

Apple has cleverly maintained the same price as last year’s 256GB model for the iPhone 15 Pro Max by eliminating the 128GB storage option. Now, you can choose from storage capacities of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. There’s a lot more to love about this phone! The cameras are absolutely amazing, taking smartphone photography to a whole new level. And let’s not forget about the stunning design! Plus, there’s this cool new Action button that just adds to the experience. This phone is lightning-fast and can handle graphics like a pro. Honestly, it’s a total winner all around!

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