Honor Magic 5 Pro Review

Honor Magic 5 Pro Review

The Honor Magic 5 Pro offers specifications to compete with the likes of the Samsung S23 Ultra, with a significantly lower price. Amy Davies finds out if there are negotiations to be had.

The Honor Magic 5 Pro has the implicit to put value smartphone brand Honor on the decoration chart, with high-quality specifications that compete with some of the top phones on request right now. But how does it really fair?

Honor Magic 5 Pro at a glance:

Price as reviewed$ 1099/£ 949

50MP wide camera,1/1.12 ” detector, f/1.6 orifice, 23 mm fellow, multi-directional PDAF, Ray AF, OIS

MPultra-wide camera,1/2.76 ” detector, f/2.0 orifice, 13 mm fellow, AF

MP blowup camera, f/3.0 orifice, 90 mm fellow, PDAF, OIS

MP f/2.4 selfie camera, 100-degree FOV( ultrawide)

K videotape at 60/ 30 fps

1080p videotape at 60/ 30 fps

Android 13 Processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2



Honor Magic 5 Pro features:

At one time, Honor was the “ value ” smartphone brand of the formerly- potent Huawei. Now a separate reality in its own right, it seems to be producing smartphones that compete with its old possessors in terms of quality and performance.

The Honor Magic 5, for illustration, launched in March 2023 is presently sitting in the top three spots for DxO Mark’s smartphone rankings. This puts it significantly above the likes of big-name smartphones presently on request including the Samsung S23 Ultra(# 14), the iPhone 14 Pro(# 8) and the Google Pixel 7 Pro(# 6).

On paper at least, it’s not hard to see why the Honor Magic 5 Pro is particularly charming. It includes a triadic- lens array that is backed by not one, not two, but three high-resolution megapixel detectors – a commodity that is rare to find in the smartphone world( it’s seen away in the Xiaomi 12 Pro, but the bigger ménage names don’t tend to follow suit then). You get a standard( 23 mm), ultrawide( 13 mm) and a blowup lens( 90 mm), alongside digital zooming capability which goes all the way up to 100x – just as we’ve seen on the Samsung S23 Ultra.

You get all of this in a smartphone that can be picked up for 1099/£ 949, which although not cheap is well priced against the S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro( though it’s more precious than the Pixel 7 Pro).

Videotape functions are fairly standard, with 4K and Full HD options – 8K options as seen in the Samsung S23 and S23 Ultra are missing, but that’s doubtful to be a deal swell for the utmost. Other useful features then include a 5100 mAh battery, 512 GB memory, and a 6.8-inch 2848 × 1312 OLED screen. A 66W “ Supercharger ” is included in the box – a relative oddity these days – which gives quick power bursts, while wireless charging is also available.

Honor Magic 5 Pro handling and design:

With its 6.8” screen, the Magic 5 is on the large side for a smartphone, putting it in line with the likes of the Samsung S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Whether you like large phones or not is largely down to preference, but it’s harder to use it one-handed than a lower device. The downside is that your prints and videos look great with all that space available.

Size away, the device itself is veritably satiny, with rounded edges. There are three colour ways to choose between – we had the ultra-shiny black interpretation, but the green and grandiloquent options have a pleasingly dull finish which is also relatively aesthetically pleasing.

The display is called a “ quadrangle- twisted floating screen ”, which means nearly all of the phone size is taken up with the display, piecemeal from a small cut-out for the selfie camera.

At the reverse of the phone is a pooching indirect casing for the three cameras. It looks a bit odd compared to most other smartphones on the request, but it’s an intriguing design choice nonetheless. As is fairly standard for phones at this price point, it has IP68 water and dust resistance.

The phone has a glass front, but it’s not specified if this has any fresh protection – we might nicely assume it’s not as tough as models out there which are using effects like Corning Gorilla Glass for redundant protection, but it’s managed to stay damage free during our time with it at least after being carried in pockets and in bags.

Honor Magic 5 Pro native camera app:

Also to the plenitude of other Android models, the Honor Magic 5 Pro has an expansive native camera app, which is appealing to both those who just want to let the phone get on with it and those who want to take a lesser degree of control.

The dereliction firing mode is Photo, which is what we anticipate you’ll use for the utmost of your shotsThen you can take Filmland using all three of the lenses, plus zoom in to either 10x or 100x digitally( and stops in between). Along the top of the screen, you’ll see some redundant optionssimilar to switching on “ AI ” for advanced scene recognition and adaptations, the capability to switch on a flash and a range of intriguing digital pollutants. A set of more expansive changes to settings can be made by tapping on a cog icon.

An intriguing point that can be actuated in the standard print mode is “ Motion Sensing Capture ”. Then, the phone pledges to automatically describe and capture movement, as you might anticipate from the name. In practice this is a little megahit and miss – it worked well landing a jogger but refused to admit my canine’s movements running towards the phone( despite specifically representing tykes and pussycats in the ‘ about ’ dialogue box). It feels like a bit of a gimmick that utmost people presumably won’t have too important use for – it might be relatively good for landing effects like sports days and so on( though I wouldn’t calculate on it in case it failed).

A portrayal mode gives you the option to shoot at either 1x or 2x depending on how important of the scene you want to include in your portrayal shot. It works with non-human subjects, and you can acclimate the strength of the bokeh depending on your preference too. You can also switch on “ Beauty ” to smooth skin and so on.

A Night mode is available for shooting in low light, though you should find this automatically activates if the camera detects an absence of light anyway. With this mode, you can shoot with any of the three lenses, as well as use the digital drone. An “ orifice ” mode works in important the same way as portrayal mode, only you get more direct control over the simulated orifice – you can only use one focal length, however.

For those who want redundant control, a Pro mode gives you the option to change metering, ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, fastening and white balance. With this mode, you can also shoot in raw format if you like. A set of redundant firing modes can be set up under a “ further ” tab, including a High-Resolution option for penetrating the full 50 megapixels of each camera( else images are affair at 12 megapixels by dereliction). There’s also a Super Macro mode, although again this should automatically spark in standard print mode by moving near to a subject anyway.

There’s a specific videotape mode, with a range of videotape options available including 4K, HDR 10 and Magic Take( whereby the phone can identify highlight moments to induce short vids or recommend featured prints. You’ll need to be in movie mode to record videotape, since holding down the shutter button in Photo mode rather activates burst mode.

Honor Magic 5 Pro verdict:

Still, most people tend to gravitate towards the well-known names in the smartphone request, i.e., If you want a high-end phone. Samsung and Apple. But phones like this show that there’s bias out there which are just as good – if not better – than their bigger-named, bigger budget rivals.

Image quality from the Honor Magic 5 is excellent and fluently rivals the Samsung, iPhone and other challengers similar to the Pixel 7 Pro. It performs well in a variety of situations, including low light.

There are just a couple of niggles then that stop it short of being five-star, the lack of 8K videotape( presumably not a deal swell for the utmost, but we need to separate it ever from other analogous immolations), and the fact that portrayal mode is a little bit unrealistic looking compared with others.

else, this is a fantastic option for those who want high-end technology in a( slightly) further nicely priced smartphone. However, you can still look towards the likes of Google or OnePlus, but the Honor Magic 5 Pro is a great choice for numerous If your budget is indeed tighter.

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